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After attending the Open Day and in the middle of my fifth year at university, I joined Clifford Chance for an internship in Knowledge & Information. After the internship, I was placed in the Banking & Finance department where I am currently a trainee. I graduated from the University of Turin and studied at Kings College in London for one semester and for another, I studied at McGill University in Canada.
The environment

The environment is very stimulating. We work a lot as a team, even cross-practice, with colleagues at different levels of seniority (from partners to trainees) to create a high quality service.

My advice

I encourage everyone to listen and to absorb all the information that you are exposed to, remembering to keep personal and professional relationships alive within the firm. In general, for those pursuing a legal career, I would recommend going beyond just university studies and keeping up-to-date with new trends in the legal market.

The best thing about my job

I love the attention to detail that is required, the fact that I have to multi-task and manage multiple activities simultaneously and that every project I work on is very different from the others I've worked on.