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Why Clifford Chance

Right from the interview stage, what attracted me to Clifford Chance was the people because, despite the fast pace of the work, my colleagues were always helpful and created a healthy environment with the right dose of informality. This strengthened my passion to be a part of the team. After learning about Clifford Chance while studying towards my master's degree in the UK, my goal was to join the Clifford Chance litigation team. I was certain that I would find a stimulating environment and professionals who I could learn from.

What keeps me motivated

The career and professional development opportunities as well as the breadth of what can be learned thanks to the continuous collaboration with the other departments continue to keep me engaged. I am also very motivated by the opportunities to develop the more commercial and strategic aspects of the work in order to find and retain clients.

The work

The network is well-structured and international. You feel like a part of a close-knit team and develop a real sense of belonging. I associate Clifford Chance with the idea of a new concept of professionalism in the vanguard of the legal services sector. Our mission is to be fully-fledged legal and business advisors to our clients, with whom we work in great synergy, without ever neglecting the quality of our product.

The people

I was pleasantly surprised by people's willingness to help me and how pleasant my team is. This is especially important at times when the work is demanding.