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Build on what you already know in an environment that gives you every opportunity to reach your full potential

We make an incredible investment in the recruitment of our future colleagues. We want to build on what you already know, then provide you every opportunity to help you reach your full potential.

Teaching is part of the job and a responsibility all of our lawyers take seriously. There is a shared firm-wide understanding that, no matter the level of seniority, we never stop learning.

A bright start to a brilliant career

Clifford Chance offers you the opportunity to join an international law firm with a global vision and pre-eminent European practice. You will have the chance to work alongside colleagues and market-leading clients all over the world. We pride ourselves on our vast global reach, and we are equally committed to maintaining a close-knit community within and among our offices. You will be a valued contributor and forge an incredible network. Most importantly, you will understand the bigger picture and feel the impact of your contribution.

International and client secondments

As you develop within the firm, you may decide you want to spend a period of time on secondment to one of our other offices and enhance your knowledge in a particular area or type of work. If you are a lawyer, you may also get the opportunity to go on a temporary assignment to a client.

We value both forms of secondment, not just as a means of strengthening our relationships with other offices of the firm and with our clients, but also for the different dimension they bring to your experience, enriching both your own career and benefiting the firm itself.

The Clifford Chance Academy

The Academy provides world-class learning opportunities for both lawyers and business professionals in all of our offices.

Partners and senior lawyers in the firm work alongside external experts to deliver courses on local, regional and global issues to help broaden not only your legal or business understanding, but also your cultural awareness and international perspective.

Targeted curricula have been carefully designed for lawyers and business professionals that map the career opportunities available at Clifford Chance. Throughout your career, you'll learn in the classroom (both traditional and virtual), on the job, and online/on the move with our extensive array of interactive eLearning courses and knowledge-sharing videos.

Legal skills training for lawyers

You will have access to the variety of local educational resources available in our Italian offices that combine with those provided regionally and globally by the Clifford Chance Academy to form an integrated system of legal skills training.

If you are a junior lawyer or intern, you will be attending legal induction courses organised both locally and globally. For more senior lawyers, the Firm constantly offers "hot topic" workshops and seminars on specific legal subjects, practice area-related.

Tech Academy

Our global Tech Academy is a technology focused element of the firm's central learning and development function, the Clifford Chance Academy, which is dedicated to the Technology space. The Tech Academy provides our people with online training and resources and a global programme of face to face workshops, ensuring we remain on top of the latest technology trends and issues our clients are facing.

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