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Innovation is action. Proven by what we do, not what we say. Putting evolution into evidence, in every facet of our work, every day.

Whether it's the way we work today and how we pave the way for future methods, or the new answers we bring to our clients.

Our capabilities, digital solutions, insights and research speak for themselves. And so do the results.

We use a range of specialised capabilities in the delivery of our legal services including expert project management and continuous improvement, specialist resourcing through our delivery centers, cutting edge legal technology and data science, and a dedicated research and development team who design and build digital solutions with and for our clients.

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Our Innovation team was established to bring together our global expertise with new ways of working and technology. Clifford Chance has been an early adopter, investing in the professional development of our young lawyers while delivering the best client experience.

There are three core functions within the program: Continuous Improvement, Legal Technology and Legal Project Management.

Our Continuous Improvement team are process improvement specialists who identify ways in which we can deliver matters more efficiently by focusing on the intersection of process, people and technology.

Legal Technologists help our people use the latest legal technologies to automate tasks, share knowledge and deliver a more seamless client experience.

Legal Project Managers (LPM) work alongside our attorney teams to help plan and deliver matters more efficiently.

LPMs are responsible for project management: focusing on scope, budget and time, so that our lawyers can better focus on the legal aspects of each matter.

Innovation covers the full spectrum of our lawyers' careers, beginning during the summer law clerk program through to when a lawyer joins the firm as a first year associate. In 2020, our US summer law clerks participated in The Automation Academy—working in groups to identify a real firm problem and develop, test and build 'bots' in an effort to simplify and improve the day-to-day efforts of our lawyers.

“I've been at the Firm since before the Innovation Team was created so I can see first-hand how it has changed my day-to-day. It was commonplace for the bulk of the administrative work (managing conflicts, document review etc) to fall to the associates. 

With so much of that work now off my plate, I'm able to focus on the substantive work for the client, meaning I'm progressing more quickly in my career.”

-Abby Cessna, Antitrust Associate/Washington, DC Office