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Spending time with colleagues in one of our international offices helps you to develop your global outlook

It is important that our attorneys have exposure to our vast global network from the very beginning. This is the reason we provide our 2L summer law clerks the ability to spend time in one of our foreign offices. For our associates, it is an unparalleled opportunity that many describe as the highlight of their summer experience and one that will serve them throughout their careers.

Of course, it's always best if we're able to show rather than tell---click on the videos below for a small glimpse of what our summer law clerks experienced through the videos they created. Note these are a far cry from your average travel slides! 

Clifford Chance Global Event - Together We Are One Firm

Our teams across the US, UK and Europe teamed up to create a virtual event showcasing one of our biggest cross-jurisdictional deals to date. Attendees also heard about the scale and breadth of our pro bono work spanning issues such as LGBT+ rights, war crimes, human rights and children's rights. This was an unmissable event for anyone wanting to understand what working at a truly global law firm can look like – so you can now watch on-demand!

Finding our way through the picturesque Garden City

The office in Singapore gave me the opportunity to work alongside both Singaporean and Foreign attorneys on massive, international deals. Additionally, the team made it clear that we were all one, big Clifford Chance family by inviting all of the summer law clerks to weekly happy hours in the office cafe and lunch with partners and senior associates. When I was not in the office, I indulged in Singapore’s impressive cultural landscape and breathtaking natural beauty. Singapore was everything that I had hoped it would be.

-Kimara Davis

The best city views are by bike

Time and time again, summer associates hear that Clifford Chance is a truly global firm with unparalleled resources. Although spread across different countries and continents, the offices of Clifford Chance share important commonalities in how dedicated they are to their clients, their tremendous work ethic, and their immense capacity to take on extremely complex legal issues. During my placement in the Amsterdam office, I had the chance to learn a few phrases in Dutch, had my fair share of bitterballen, survived biking in Amsterdam, and learned the integrated nature of our offices and why Clifford Chance continues to be a leading global law firm that I am proud to be a part of.

-Alexandra Coyle

Exploring the city of lights

The work of Clifford Chance is truly transnational; the projects I began in Paris continued to develop after I returned to New York, and I was able to witness firsthand the collaboration between subject-matter experts in offices around the world. Outside of the office, my time with Clifford Chance Paris took me from the World Pride Parade to a P!nk concert, and from the top of the Arc de Triomphe to the outskirts of the city in search of the best boeuf bourguignon. When I returned to New York, I more clearly understood the incredible value of Clifford Chance's global network and was better prepared for life as an associate at a global law firm.

- Caitlin Haynes