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Work experience designed to give you a head start in your legal career.

Welcome to Ready, Set, Law - our virtual work experience programme that offers you an introduction to the commercial issues affecting the future of the law. This programme aims to provide you with the insight, information, tools, support and guidance that you need if you are thinking about a career in law.

You might never have considered becoming a commercial lawyer before, or you might have thought about it but not really known what it is all about. That is where this programme comes in. You will have the chance to experience solving legal issues, gaining a better understanding of what lawyers do. Your journey starts here.

Ready, Set, Law

Crafted by our own lawyers, this programme will introduce you to a range of topical legal issues and give you the opportunity to complete tasks that will allow you to put in to practice what you have learnt. You will also be taken through basic trainee type tasks so you can experience first-hand what the role will entail. You will come away feeling knowledgeable about what a career in law could look like and equipped with the confidence to take the next steps should you decide this is the right path for you.

This virtual work experience programme has been designed for 16 - 18 year olds but is open to all.

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Access to Education

As a signatory to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we believe that education is vital for building a better world for all. As such, access to education is one of the three pillars of our global Community & Pro Bono Strategy. We believe that social progress cannot happen without everyone having access to quality education, therefore we support and run activities around the world with the aim of protecting and expanding access to education. Our Global Virtual Internships are open-access which means anyone can participate and have access to these programmes from anywhere.

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What others have to say about it...

"The social media activity was really interactive, informative and enjoyable. The programme is fantastic; you gain such a variety of skills and the content is refreshing and in depth, particularly because it is applied to commercial/real life scenarios." Shauna, Year 13

What others have to say about it...

"I really liked the fact I could do it over a week, and it felt a lot less scheduled and a lot less pressured. I especially liked the Crypto task because I already had an interest in crypto before this. It offers great insight into what lawyers actually do and it is a brilliant opportunity to take part in a scheme put together by one of the world's greatest law firms." Louis, Year 13

Named by one of our ACCESS alumni..

''During my sixth form studies I applied to ACCESS through the Social Mobility Foundation. I was able to gain an understanding of the day to day operations of an international law firm and the climate of Clifford Chance, but most importantly ACCESS consolidated my desire to embark on a career in corporate law. By the end of the scheme, I felt that a future in law was no longer a distant possibility but rather an attainable goal. My experience on ACCESS enabled me to realise that in many ways, starting a career in law is similar to preparing to run a race. This is how I derived the name ‘Ready, Set, Law’. The hardest challenge is equipping yourself with experience and understanding, and this is exactly why I would encourage anyone to complete this virtual internship. That way you can move from ‘Ready’ to ‘Set’  in a career in law!"  Liza, Year 13

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ACCESS, formerly known as PRIME, is our pioneering, two-year development programme open to students from state schools. It is designed to give you an introduction to law and provide you with the network and resources you need to start a fantastic career. 

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Meet our Ready, Set, Law Work Experience Contributors

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Fadeia Hossian
The modules are designed to give participants direct insight in to the intellectually challenging work we handle on a daily basis.

Fadeia Hossian

Associate, London

"I hope that the complexity of some of the topics, such as the blockchain and crypto assets module, will motivate candidates to start exploring these rapidly evolving regulatory areas. I would advise every participant to read the scenario and the supportive materials in detail. Needless to say, do not forgot to read between the lines!"


Gemma Mills
Virtual internships are valuable as they are accessible to all; legal work experience no longer relies on having connections or being able to commute into a city.

Gemma Mills

Trainee, London

"This internship has been designed to give students experience of genuine trainee tasks, it enables students to make informed career choices based on realistic experiences. It highlights how trainee tasks fit into the activities of the larger team, and encourages development of key skills required to succeed as a trainee."