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Clifford Chance offers an outstanding opportunity to
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We know there are many of you that have started preparing for the process even before you have gone to university, which is why we've invested in our award-winning SPARK scheme which allows students to secure their Training Contract as early as the end of their first year.

Before applying for a Training Contract, there are many ways to get exposure to our Firm and culture. With our commitment to democratising access to information and skills development there's an offering for everyone.

Training Contract

The Training Contract puts theory into practice. It's when you move from learning about the law to actually doing it. You'll transform from a talented beginner into a professional lawyer. If you are in your penultimate year of your law degree or final year of your non-law degree, this is the route for you.

We appreciate that investing in making a quality application takes a lot of your time and energy. The landscape within which you are making your application has never been more competitive. Take the time to do your research, engage with our opportunities and be confident that we are the right firm for you.

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Clifford Chance IGNITE

Our ground-breaking IGNITE Training Contract has all the same opportunities as our Training Contract, but with a unique emphasis on technology. You’ll have the time to develop new skills. To reconsider what Tech can do for law. To redefine how Clifford Chance delivers the best results. And at the end of two years, you'll be a confident lawyer who’s ready to shape the future.

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Our multi award-winning programme offers a unique opportunity for exceptional first-year students and second-year students of a four-year course to gain an insider's view into what a career in law can look like. The five-day paid scheme is fast-paced, dynamic and packed full of exciting opportunities. It can also lead you straight to a Training Contract.

You'll benefit from an unparalleled introduction to the world of commercial law, undertaking real work and interacting with people at every level of our business.

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ACCESS, formerly known as PRIME, is our pioneering, two-year development programme open to students from state schools. It is designed to give you an introduction to law and provide you with the network and resources you need to start a fantastic career. 

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ACCEPT is our groundbreaking one-day conference that provides an opportunity for LGBT+ students interested in a career in law, to hear from senior role models and understand how your sexuality can complement your career. Hear from past ACCEPT attendees about why they think its important to be part of this inspiring student conference.

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Events Hub

Our suite of over 50 events, will give you access to a mix of panels, keynotes, skills sessions, interactive case studies and global legal professionals. All of which will equip you with the skills, knowledge and networks to succeed, no matter which career you choose. This is a massive new initiative for us, and a necessary one. We want nothing less than to democratise access to information and opportunities. Secure your place. 

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Black History Month Events

We will be hosting a series of events over the course of Black History Month focusing on thriving through uncertainty. 2020 has been a tumultuous year, and one that has had a big impact on the black community – from black people being more at risk of suffering adverse effects of Covid-19, to the events that sparked the heightening of the Black Lives Matter movement. Through the lens of these events, we will be considering how to navigate through these uncertain times, to be activists, and to bring about improvements to the workplace and our society. 

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