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The TARGETjobs Undergraduate of the Year Awards are the only undergraduate awards in the UK. Their aim is to identify and celebrate the UK's best undergraduate talent.

For the sixth year running, we are proud to partner with TARGETjobs to seek out an outstanding LGBTQ+ Undergraduate of the Year. We are looking for a student or graduate who is either driving positive change within the LGBTQ+ community, breaking down barriers and leaving a legacy, or a visible role model excelling in their field.

We recognise the unequivocal right of every individual to be who they are. We feel a sense of duty to champion, pioneer and campaign for the equal rights of under-represented groups wherever possible. We strive to ensure that we create an environment that not only embraces people from all walks of life but celebrates their identity and individuality, providing a foundation from where they can flourish. We're committed to doing everything possible to deliver greater equality for LGBTQ+ people in our firm, help build the capacity of our clients to be stronger supporters of equality, and drive real change across the world.

Around the globe, being an LGBTQ+ person all too often means you are faced with legal discrimination and persecution. Working with partners in civil society and across the world of business, we are building partnerships and taking strategic action to help dismantle such laws, whilst, at the same time, we work constantly to change cultural attitudes that allow such laws to exist.

From Poland to Singapore, London to Brazil, we are working in courtrooms and communities to make sure no one ever feels that they will face a life of marginalisation simply because of who they are and who they fall in love with. To read more about our work click here.

With this award, we are looking for people who are as fervent as we are about making a real difference. We want to hear from individuals who are actively dedicated to promoting justice and equality, whether that be through being a visible role model to others, driving forward an initiative that has made a real impact, or being an active agent for change.

It is more important than ever that we identify those individuals that possess a definitive sense of purpose and who are clearly on the path to becoming a leader of tomorrow. We want to help promote their efforts and support their cause and with this award we will do just that.

LGBTQ+ Undergraduate of the Year 2024

Do you identify as LGBTQ+?

Are you passionate about making a difference in your community?

Are you a trailblazer for LGBTQ+ rights?

Are you an individual who has made significant contributions to the lives of other students who might be struggling with their identity?

Are you an LGBTQ+ role model for others in your field of expertise whether that be academic, professionally or other?

If you resonate with the above, we're keen to hear from you.

By entering LGBTQ+ Undergraduate of the Year, you could win:

  • Either a 2 week internship in our diversity and inclusion team, or pro bono team
  • Lunch with Global Head of Inclusion Tiernan Brady
  • £500 towards either driving your initiative further or a donation to your LGBTQ+ charity of choice
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Rylee's story

Rylee Spooner (they/them) - University of Chichester


Rylee is most proud of curating a trans-awareness e-learning package for staff at their university in collaboration with the Vice-Chancellors' Group, HR, Academic Registry and The Students' Union. They also took the lead with the wellbeing team to update the Transgender and Gender-Non-Conforming Policy for staff and students. Their undergraduate and postgraduate research focuses on LGBTQ+ issues to aim to improve psychological service provision for this demographic.

Rylee ensured training and updated policies were rolled out so conversations could be facilitated amongst staff and students and their work was even featured in their local press.

Rylee hopes the changes they made have created a solid basis for the university's inclusivity to improve as years go on.

You can read more about Rylee's experience of winning the UGOY award, the journey leading up to the award, and completing their internship within the Diversity and Inclusion team at Clifford Chance.

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Joel's Story

Joel Mordi (he/him/they/them) – University of East London, Social Sciences


Joel Mordi is the founder of M.I.F Nigeria, Nigeria’s largest charity focused on achieving the United Nations sustainable development goals. He is a Young Leader advocate for Safe Passage, part of a group of people from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds campaigning for change. He organised Nigeria's first ever pride protest (spanning one month) and notably won the Sheila McKechnie Foundation award.

He takes a varied approach to campaigning, which includes working with and amplifying the work of existing charities already doing groundwork in the UK, Nigeria and throughout the African diaspora.

George's story

George Barker (he/him) – University College London, Medicine and Surgery

During his first year at University College London, George undertook a module in Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), which involved teaching a comprehensive and LGBTQ+ inclusive RSE curriculum in schools across North London.

He has gone on to train over 130 students to deliver RSE and has delivered sessions to over 500 pupils. He went from being co-ordinator of the project at UCL for a year, expanding the programme to include additional talks on topics such as HIV, blood donation and the importance of teaching about consent, to becoming the National Director of the charity Sexpression:UK, which oversees and co-ordinates the running of similar projects involving over 1,000 students at over 25 universities across the country.

Zareen's story

Zareen Roy-Macauley (she/her) – University of Cambridge, Human, Social and Political Sciences

Zareen was the 2020 winner of LGBTQ+ Undergraduate of the Year and she was the first LGBTQ+ officer of the African and Caribbean Society in Cambridge, where she worked to improve LGBTQ+ inclusion within the African and Caribbean community. She later became the first ever president of FUSE – a society for BME LGBTQ+ students. Alongside her team, Zareen relaunched the society and enhanced its capacity by establishing new committee roles, securing a source of funding and introducing new social media strategies. FUSE is now widely cited as a place of community and safety for BME LGBTQ+ students in Cambridge.

Zareen completed our SPARK programme in 2020 and is now trainee with the firm. 

Tom's Story

Tom Moran (he/him) – University of Lancaster, Management and Information Technology

Tom, who identifies as both gay and autistic, was the 2019 winner of LGBTQ+ Undergraduate of the Year. He was the founder and President of Lancaster University’s Sign Language Society, where he taught weekly sign language classes with the aim of improving the experiences of deaf people on campus. Tom was also the Lead for Students with Learning Differences and the Disability Representative for Lancaster’s LGBTQ+ society, championing intersectional inclusion and standing as a role model for his autistic peers.

Since winning the award, Tom has undertaken international legal work experience in the firm’s Brussels and Hong Kong offices. He has also been able to use the award as a platform to speak about the importance of inclusion with the BBC, the National Autistic Society and myGwork.

Tom is now a Trainee at the firm. 

Our partners

For the sixth year running we are partnering with National Student Pride (NSP) and Attitude magazine for our LGBTQ+ UGOY award. NSP is the biggest gathering of LGBTQ+ students in the UK. Their annual event is held in February (LGBTQ+ History Month), featuring talks and debates with inspirational activists, a weekend of roof-raising pride parties and the UK’s largest queer-inclusive recruitment fair.

As the world’s biggest LGBTQ+ media brand, Attitude has used its platform to elevate and celebrate the trailblazers of tomorrow, be it through the magazine, their social and digital platforms or the Attitude Awards and Pride Awards. "We are proud to continue uplifting the voices of tomorrow through our sponsorship of Clifford Chance's LGBTQ+ Undergraduate of the Year award.'' Cliff Joannou, Editor in Chief, Attitude

For the second year running we are delighted to be partnering with myGwork, who are an LGBTQ+ business community for graduates, professionals, and inclusive employers. They work with businesses and individuals alike to promote workplace equality and employment opportunities. ''We're proud to be co-sponsoring the LGBTQ+ Undergraduate of the Year award. Amidst all the barriers LGBTQ+ students face, it is important to promote the successes of role models within our community." Adrien Gaubert, Co-founder and CMO of myGwork

Responsible Business

As we try to build a better, more sustainable future, it is the fundamental principles of the law that guide us, as a responsible business: equality and fairness, access to justice, effective regulation and government, and the promotion and protection of human rights. Our 2020 report demonstrates our commitment to sustainable growth and how it has endured and been strengthened during a period of uncertainty and change.

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