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Our aim is to be the global law firm of choice for the world's leading businesses of today and tomorrow.

As a partnership, we pride ourselves on how we are building our approachable and collegial team.

With a global reach and thousands of lawyers working from dozens of offices around the world, we offer expert advice to clients on all aspects of commercial law.

We always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, which include corporates from all the commercial and industrial sectors, governments, regulators, trade bodies and not-for-profit organisations across five continents.

Many of our deals are newsworthy. Often, they demand the kind of knowledge that only international, cross-practice teams can provide.

Our reputation in the field is formidable. That's why organisations turn to us not just for legal expertise but also for advice on their most critical business issues.

It’s not enough to have an expert understanding of law. Our clients need people with real commercial acumen. People who can bring their insight and imagination to complex problems. People who can act as trusted business advisers and deliver the results that matter. As a trainee, you'll see for yourself how this is done by having the opportunity to experience a variety of seats.

Whatever your path, you'll gain an insight into our global deals, our high-profile clients and our collaborative culture. As an integral member of the team, you'll also develop your legal and business skills.

Global Financial Markets (GFM)

We have the world's leading Finance and Capital Markets practice which makes up over 40% of the firm. The practice is located in major financial and commercial centres around the world and involved in many of the world's most complex, ground breaking deals. In GFM we advise major market participants including leading financial institutions, corporates, governments and supranational organisations across the world. Our clients include many of the world's leading companies, including more than half of the Global Fortune 500.

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Global Financial Markets: Spotlight on SABRE

SABRE stands for Structured Asset Backed Real Estate and is part of our Global Financial Markets practice. Within the SABRE team there are broadly three areas of focus: Real Estate Finance; Structured Debt; and Loan portfolios. Market leading, cutting-edge and solutions-orientated, the SABRE team works on a broad range of different financing products and solutions which are supported by assets. Those assets might be office buildings, hotels or possibly a credit card loan or a portfolio of loans and the SABRE team work on a whole range of financing solutions for our clients involving those products.

Meet the GFM team

Meet some of our GFM colleagues and hear about their experiences of working in the practice first-hand. One of the Co-Heads of the group, Emma Matebalavu, joins some of our NQs to talk about the type of work that is undertaken and to share some of the realities of working in this dynamic, fast-paced environment.


We are a leading global Corporate and M&A practice and are among a small group of elite firms at the top of the market. We handle some of the largest and most complex M&A transactions in the world. Our international practice combines global transaction capability with a full service of English, US and civil law expertise in the key financial centres across Europe, the Americas and Asia. Our clients include many of the world's leading companies, including more than half of the Global Fortune 500.

Meet the Corporate team

In this video, Melissa Fogarty, Co-Head of our Corporate practice and Max Tang, one of our newly qualified lawyers, provides an insight in to the group touching on the complex transactions, the diverse and varied team and the way everyone pulls together to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution (L&DR)

Our global Litigation & Dispute Resolution practice is experienced in the full spectrum of litigation, dispute resolution and regulatory issues that our clients face. Our highly qualified teams are focused on resolving high risk litigation, international arbitration and regulatory investigations. We regularly represent multinational clients in cross-border litigation, international arbitration and investigations accounting for some of the largest and most significant actions.

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Meet the L&DR team

Two of our newly qualified lawyers join Helen Carty, Practice Area Lead for L&DR in the UK, to talk about some of their day-to-day responsibilities, the reasons they chose litigation as well as some deal highlights. Helen provides an overview of what you can expect to be involved with as a trainee and how you are given exposure to the biggest deals from the outset. 

Real Estate

Our leading Real Estate practice, works with clients representing every aspect of the market – from investors, developers and occupiers to banks, insurance companies, private equity groups, funds and asset managers. We combine legal expertise and market knowledge to help our clients maximise property investments, from the initial acquisition through to sale.  

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Meet the Real Estate team

Angela Kearns, Real Estate Partner, provides an insight into the clients she works with and some of the biggest deals she has been involved in. Lena, a junior associate, talks about the level of investment that is put into the development of our lawyers and the various aspects of the job that she finds most rewarding.

Tax, Pensions, Employment and Incentives (TPE)

We have one of the world's largest international Tax, Pensions, Employment and Incentives groups within a single law firm. We are uniquely placed to provide leading-edge advice to clients, and the practice is structured on an integrated global basis. We advise on a full spectrum of complex, high-profile issues, including M&A, structured finance, tax risk management and complex real estate transactions.

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Meet the TPE team

Sonia Gilbert heads up our TPE practice and in this video she talks about the importance of being able to multi-task and develop strong client relationships from the start. Our newly qualified lawyers Hector and Savannah share their reasons for choosing the Firm as well as the aspects of the work that they enjoy the most.

A focus on Antitrust

Antitrust challenges are growing across the world. Over 130 jurisdictions now have antitrust laws, and that number continues to grow.

The range of business practices giving rise to antitrust enforcement is likewise expanding, and fines for antitrust infringements are rising.

We have the expertise and global network to help our clients address these antitrust risks.

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A focus on Tech

Rapid advances in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, blockchain, big data and cybersecurity are significantly impacting our clients' business models, their growth strategies and even day-to-day decision-making, bringing opportunities to be harnessed and risks to be navigated.

Integrated and dynamic, our Tech Group is a single global team delivering strategic tech law advice to help clients stay ahead of the curve and outstrip the pace of change.

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A focus on ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") factors have fast risen to the top of the board agenda with companies increasingly aware that a failure to address these matters can be detrimental to their businesses, both financially and in relation to their reputation. 

We work closely with our clients to navigate the fast-changing landscape of international and regional policies and regulations, frameworks and mechanisms as they relate to all aspects of ESG.

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