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Saqib Sayad

Manager - Partnership Services

"What helped me succeed in each of my projects are the training opportunities I was provided, equipping me with foundational knowledge required to succeed."

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I joined Clifford Chance India in 2007 as an Accounting Specialist, supporting only UK and USA offices for accounts payables process. Withing six months, I was given independent charge of payments for APAC offices. Since then, I have held roles such as a Team Lead in 2009 and then Deputy Manager in 2015.

I have worked on some interesting projects such as implementing process improvements and reducing manual effort in payments processes.

What helped me succeed in each of these projects are the training opportunities I was provided. I distinctly remember 'Stepping into Leadership' training that helped me understand nuances of leadership roles and importance of being a team player.

I took a new role in 2019 as Manager, Treasury. My journey is a testament to how much you can grow here!

What do you like most about your job?

There are various opportunities to share my thoughts and ideas with the team. I have also received ample support from different stakeholders to action those ideas.

What do you notice and value most about the people?

Everyone is extremely supportive, and this has reflected not just in my immediate team but in the cross-functional teams as well. People at Clifford Chance are ready to help you! They care about your success and learnings.

What is your key advice for anyone considering a career at Clifford Chance ?

'Be yourself'. Everyone at Clifford Chance greatly values diversity, whether it is in opinions, ideas, or thoughts. Don't hesitate to share your ideas and ask for support required to implement those ideas.

What's the best piece of advice you've received since joining/ OR your best lesson/takeaway?

'Keep knocking the door, until you are heard.” This advice that has stayed with me since 2009. It was shared by Venu Yadavalli, General Manager of India in one of our meetings.

What motivates you/ OR what makes your worth it for you?

My team's trust in me has always motivated me to show up every day. My team members, in fact, are my biggest cheerleaders! With each other's support, we will keep achieving great things!