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Locally and globally, the shared responsibility to help others brings us closer together as a team

We recognise that being one of the world's leading law firms has its responsibilities. We are committed to supporting the communities where we do business by widening access to justice, education and finance. We collaborate with clients, NGOs and charities to deliver these community outreach and pro bono services, with partner-led, client-focused teams.

As a leader in our field we are rightly held to high standards in all we do. We believe that our licence to operate, the sustainability of our business and the achievement of our vision are dependent on our ability to inspire trust and earn the confidence of all our stakeholders. 

To do this, we must act responsibly, creating long-term, sustainable value and supporting their future success. We use our commitment to the UN Global Compact, and associated global frameworks, to help shape our approach.

The concepts that are integral to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) are embedded in our Responsible Business strategy. For instance, we align our operations to contribute towards a number of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on those areas where we can make the greatest contribution, and we intend to continue to do so through to 2030.

Responsible business

Future Focus

"In FY23, our firm continued to focus on helping our clients navigate a complex legal and regulatory landscape and on advancing our own responsible business strategy. We did this with an eye towards the future, concentrating on areas critical to our sustainability and the challenges and opportunities we know our clients will face in the future"

Charles Adams, Global Managing Partner,

Adrian Cartwright, Global Senior Partner

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The Clifford Chance Foundation works alongside our pro bono practice to widen access to justice, finance, education and a healthy environment.

Our global Foundation provides funding to our global strategic pro bono and community outreach clients to enable them to deliver major, sustainable and high impact projects of real significance to the achievement of their missions and of the UN SDGs.

Our local Foundation funds enable each of our offices around the world to fund projects with their own NGO partners that respond to needs within their local communities.

The remainder is distributed by each of our offices and helps numerous projects annually. Donations are made to a wide range of charitable organisations.