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We offer our new joiners developmental tools to help them integrate successfully and to pursue a meaningful career with us in the future

If you are a new joiner, whatever your role and level of seniority, you will attend an introductory orientation course during your first few days with us. It will give you a lot of practical information about the firm and the services and support that will be available to you at Clifford Chance, both in Spain and globally.

A tutor will always be appointed to guide, assign work to, supervise and provide feedback on, the becarios or students undertaking a training internship with us. They will always have at least five years' previous professional experience.

All new abogados will be assigned a Career Development Partner who will act as your mentor and point of reference for queries and advice on your professional development and career progression within the firm.

If you are joining business professionals, you will normally be assigned a "buddy" – namely a colleague who help you to settle in more easily and act as a sounding board for general queries and support during your first few months.

Reviewing your performance

In addition to the spontaneous feedback that will be provided to you throughout the year, you will also receive a formal annual performance review from your supervisor. As well as assessing the level of progress achieved by you during the previous 12 months, your appraisal should help you to plan your future work and training objectives. The more senior you become, the more stretching those objectives will be.

If you are an abogado, you will also receive a special review at the end of each stage into which your career at Clifford Chance is divided. This review is designed to give you a clear, focused message on your development and potential future projection within the firm as you progress your career with us.


As you develop within the firm, you may decide you want to spend a period of time on secondment to one of our other offices (either in Spain or elsewhere) and enhance your knowledge in a particular area or type of work. If you are a lawyer, you may also get the opportunity to go on a temporary assignment to a client.

We value both forms of secondment, not just as a means of strengthening our relationships with other offices of the firm and with our clients, but also for the different dimension they bring to your experience, enriching both your own career and benefiting the firm itself.

Interoffice secondments

Eduardo Sánchez, a lawyer in the Global Financial Markets practice of our Madrid office, talks about the great opportunity Clifford Chance gave him by doing an interoffice secondment in the New York office.

Client secondments

Laura Cachón, a lawyer in the Litigation & Dispute Resolution practice of our Barcelona office, talks about her experience on a temporary assignment to a client.

Clifford Chance Academy Development Centres

The Academy provides world-class learning and development opportunities across all our offices.

Our unique global business skills curriculum focuses on presentation, business development, client communication and people-management skills. If you are a mid-level or senior associate, you may be invited to participate in off-site development centres, where you will practice business skills through exercises that involve real-life scenarios, and create individual business plans with the assistance of partners and Academy professionals.

Tech Academy

Our global Tech Academy is a technology focused element of the firm's central learning and development function, the Clifford Chance Academy, which is dedicated to the Technology space. The Tech Academy provides our people with online training and resources and a global programme of face to face workshops, ensuring we remain on top of the latest technology trends and issues our clients are facing.

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