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Build on what you already know in an environment that gives you every opportunity to reach your full potential

We invest deeply in the development of our colleagues

We make an incredible investment in the recruitment of our future colleagues. We want to build on what you already know, then provide every opportunity to help you reach your full potential. Teaching is part of the job and a responsibility all of our lawyers take seriously. 

There is a shared firm-wide understanding that, no matter the level of seniority, we never stop learning. In this section you will learn more about the work that you'll do and the training and professional development you'll receive. 


Our practice-specific training programmes combine with programs from the Clifford Chance Academy to provide the core of your formal training. These traditional programs are supplemented by our unique global business skills curriculum, which focuses on presentation, business development, client communication, and people-management skills. At the mid-level and senior associate levels, our attorneys participate in off-site development centers, where they practice business skills through exercises that involve real-life scenarios, and create individual development plans with the assistance of partners and Clifford Chance Academy professionals. 

Your substantive training will include regular and formal sessions on transactional law and litigation. This is our promise. From your first day through to partnership – if that happens to be your goal – you will find our non-stop learning environment fundamental to your development as a sophisticated, successful, and well-rounded lawyer.

Clifford Chance Academy

At Clifford Chance, we embrace a learning culture, where individuals are supported in their pursuit of opportunities for their professional and personal development. Clifford Chance Academy is the home for professional and personal development for all of our people including lawyers and business professionals staff of all levels and provides world-class learning opportunities across all our offices. Partners and senior lawyers in the firm work alongside external experts to develop the tailored curriculum not only to help expand our associates' legal and business knowledge, but to enhance their cultural awareness and global perspective as well.

Growth will come from both in and outside the classroom, on the job, and online with the help of our extensive interactive e-Learning courses and knowledge-sharing videos.

Our courses help our people develop consistently excellent legal, business and commercial skills, which will assist us as a firm in meeting our goals, and be of life-long benefit to the individuals who participate in them. Courses are highly interactive and practical, delivered by expert trainers and specifically tailored to Clifford Chance.

We attach great importance to high-quality technical training for our lawyers, but our legal perspectives must be married with a sharp business focus. This depends on developing stronger understanding of clients' operating environments, so we have expanded programs that support relationship-building, business development, management and sector focus workshops.

CC Career portal

The Clifford Chance Career Portal is an online web tool which provides our people with interactive tools and e-learning materials to support your career development.  This portal provides a wide range of career development tools including personality assessments, coaching videos, hot tips, articles and e-learning.


We are also committed to providing all our people with the tools and feedback they need to plan and grow their careers. Regular feedback is vital to their growth and development. There are meetings with supervisors, monitoring partners to ensure that our people are staying on track and receiving the support that they need along the way.

Tech Academy

Our global Tech Academy is a technology focused element of the firm's central learning and development function, the Clifford Chance Academy, which is dedicated to the Technology space. The Tech Academy provides our people with online training and resources and a global programme of face to face workshops, ensuring we remain on top of the latest technology trends and issues our clients are facing.

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