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We invest deeply in the recruitment of
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We want to build on what you already know, then provide every opportunity to help you reach your full potential.

Teaching is part of the job and a responsibility all of our lawyers take seriously.

There is a shared firm-wide understanding that, no matter the level of seniority, we never stop learning.

In this section you will learn more about the work that you'll do and the training and professional development you'll receive.

A bright start to a brilliant career

Clifford Chance offers you the opportunity to join an international law firm with a global vision and pre-eminent European practice. You will have the chance to work alongside colleagues and market-leading clients all over the world. We pride ourselves on our vast global reach, and we are equally committed to maintaining a close-knit community within and among our offices. You will be a valued contributor and forge an incredible network. Most importantly, you will understand the bigger picture and feel the impact of your contribution.

Grow with us

We are committed to professional development.

Read more about the training, structured professional development, and on-the-job learning opportunities at the Firm.

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Our varied business teams

To meet our clients' needs and find solutions to their most complex challenges, we seek people with a diverse range of bankgrounds, cultures and perspectives. Through every area of our firm we aim to recruit and retain talented people who share our values.

Caroline Firstbrook, Our Global Chief Operating Officer, talks about how the unprecedented pace of change in the legal industry, of which Clifford Chance is at the forefront, is creating new opportunities to join our business teams. There has never been a more exciting time to join the legal sector.

International and client secondments

As you develop within the firm, you may decide you want to spend a period of time on secondment to one of our other offices and enhance your knowledge in a particular area or type of work. If you are a lawyer, you may also get the opportunity to go on a temporary assignment to a client.

We value both forms of secondment, not just as a means of strengthening our relationships with other offices of the firm and with our clients, but also for the different dimension they bring to your experience, enriching both your own career and benefiting the firm itself.

How to succeed in your interview

  • READ as widely as possible about law, business and economics to build your commercial awareness. This could be through Le Monde, Les Echos or more targeted legal journals.
  • RESEARCH our firm. Make sure you are genuinely interested and motivated by a career in commercial law and that you're not just applying to us by default.
  • EXPERIENCE is vital. Look for opportunities to demonstrate transferable skills – in presentation, taking initiative, teamwork and problem-solving. This could be a legal internship, but could also include student journalism, volunteering, or even working in your local shoe-shop!
  • ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE is highly important for the intellectual demanding work we do. But don't forget to tell us about your interests outside of this.
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL is a necessary skill for a lawyer. Double-check for errors in grammar, spelling and clarity in your CV and cover letter.

Apply now

The application process is the chance for you to show what you can offer Clifford Chance. But it is also an opportunity to work out if we are really the right place for you.

Search and apply for positions in France whether as law graduates and students, experienced lawyers or business professionals.

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