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Les Rendez-Vous Clifford Chance

In 2016, we held the first Les Rendez-Vous Clifford Chance, our annual intern recruitment event. We welcomed nearly 160 students and young graduates to the Paris office, from a spectrum of different higher-education levels (four+ years after the French Bac). Over 40 attendees were subsequently recruited for internships in the Paris, Casablanca and Luxembourg offices.

At this year's event, students will have the opportunity to meet our lawyers through interviews, one-to-one meetings where they will receive advice on their career path, and also at presentations given by each practice area.

The participants will also have the chance to attend workshops on a variety of different subjects, for example, the skills behind social and professional networking and the art of public speaking.

This enriching day will conclude with an evening cocktail, allowing students and lawyers to come together in a friendly and convivial environment in order to exchange ideas and experiences.

Les Rendez-Vous Clifford Chance

We are thrilled to welcome back students in our offices for the 2021 edition of "Les Rendez-Vous Clifford Chance" which couldn't go ahead last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will take place on November 10th 2021.

Successful candidates will have the chance to attend a one-day job fair with varied workshops and networking opportunities. We look forward to meeting you at this year's highly anticipated edition of "Les Rendez-Vous"!

If you are looking for an internship in our practice groups in Clifford Chance Paris for the periods:

2nd semester 2022
1st semester 2023

Please apply now using the link below:

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  • Corporate – Contrats Commerciaux/Télécommunications, Médias, Technologies
  • Corporate – Propriété intellectuelle
  • Corporate – Structuration et création de fonds d'investissement
  • Corporate – Fusions-Acquisitions & Private Equity

Finance & Capital Markets

  • Marchés de Capitaux – Dette
  • Financement bancaire
  • Financement de projets
  • Réglementation bancaire & financière
  • Financements Structurés – Dérivés'

Tax, Pensions & Employment

  • Fiscalité
  • Droit social
  • Epargne salariale – Actionnariat salarié

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

  •  Arbitrage international
  • Concurrence – Antitrust
  • Contentieux Commercial
  • Droit pénal des affaires
  • Droit public
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences



  • Finance & Marchés de Capitaux /Corporate


  • Corporate – M & A
  • Banque & Finance/Marchés de Capitaux 
  • Fiscalité
  • Contentieux
  • Fonds d'investissement

Les Rendez-Vous Clifford Chance 2018

Watch this video to get a glimpse of what happened at our last Les Rendez-Vous Clifford Chance event.