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ACCEPT is our groundbreaking one-day conference that provides an opportunity for LGBT+ students interested in a career in law, to hear from senior role models and understand how your sexuality can complement your career. Hear from past ACCEPT attendees about why they think its important to be part of this inspiring student conference.

In collaboration with myGwork and National Student Pride, we are delighted to offer a thought-provoking and uplifting agenda which will include panel discussions, guest speakers and the opportunity to meet other like-minded LGBT+ students. 

You will:  

  • Develop your understanding of what it’s like to be LGBT+ in the city
  • Hear from inspiring senior figures about their personal journeys
  • Take part in discussions on topical issues for the LGBT+ community including bi-erasure and intersectionality
  • Build your network with a variety of LGBT+ staff at Clifford Chance
  • Learn more about how you could become the next TargetJobs LGBT+ Undergraduate of the Year

We particularly welcome applications from those who represent the wider diversity of genders, ethnicities and sexualities.

Date: 25 November 2020
Time: All day
Applications open: 3 August 2020
Applications close:
13 November 2020
Selection process: Online application form only

Advice from ACCEPT alumni

"Before attending ACCEPT I wasn't sure I wanted to work in London or for a large law firm. ACCEPT has completely changed my perspective by exposing me to Clifford Chance's welcoming and friendly work culture." 

"I have been encouraged by so many of the speakers that it is okay to be proud of being trans and that if a potential employer doesn't accept me, there are many who will." 

"What stood out most to me was the realisation that being LGBT in the legal sector isn't in anyway limiting in terms of what we can achieve." 

"I genuinely learnt so much from the day, but most of all, I learnt to accept myself and embrace my true identity. While the event was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the Firm, it's culture, and its principles, I equally had the opportunity to learn about myself and my own principles. It was a truly invaluable experience."

"I left the event with a very full heart, with even more love for myself and my queerness and with a drive to continue making space for all of us queer folk to succeed."

Tehzeeb's story

Full Name: Tehzeeb Bukhari
Year of Study: Graduated June 2020
University: SOAS, Law LLB
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Why I applied to ACCEPT

I had it ingrained in me that going back into the closet was necessary if I wanted to start my legal career let alone progress in it. I, like many others, held the belief that corporate spaces and their relative work cultures were not spaces for LGBT+ expression let alone a place to be out and proud. I thought my sexuality would hinder my career, so when I had come to learn that Clifford Chance had ACCEPT, I had to attend. How firms are intersectional in practice is fundamental for students not only belonging to the LGBT+ community but also belonging to religious and ethnic minority backgrounds in choosing where to begin our legal careers. I needed to see how people like me and others who identify with our community, could still have blossoming professional careers.

The most surprising part of the day

The range of different panels tackling prevalent issues, not only in the legal industry but in the LGBT+ community as a whole, including mental health, bi-erasure, navigating gender identity and an honest discussion on intersectionality and its importance in not only the workplace but in how we navigate in our personal lives. As a woman of colour, seeing people like Narind Singh, a partner at the Firm, talk about his experience of being a gay Asian man who has lived openly about his sexuality, and of his mental health, still managing to become a partner was validating. Son of a Tutu, Nigerian drag queen spoke about their personal journey covering issues such as faith, culture and sexuality, gender expression and issues surrounding being black and LGBT+, these are just some examples of what you can expect attending ACCEPT.

The session that helped me the most to prepare my application to the Firm

The session on building your personal brand was the most helpful in putting my application into context. It put into perspective what it my strengths and how my personal brand enables me to bring a unique perspective to the Firm. In knowing your personal brand, you understand what it is you can offer as a potential future trainee for the Firm. 

In accepting that your sexuality and/or gender expression is something that is to be celebrated and viewed as an asset, as opposed to something that is shameful and hindering, you are allowing yourself to be authentic.

My advice to others thinking about applying

First of all, do not be scared. People who are attending are in the same boat as you are; attend with an open mind and excitement. Not only is it an invaluable experience as a potential future trainee but also invaluable if you are struggling to come to terms with your sexuality and/or gender identity, not just in a professional capacity. Yes, it is an opportunity to meet senior role models but also remember it is a fantastic opportunity to build networks with others like you. Confidentiality is prioritised: you will not be photographed without your permission so if, like myself, you were scared of being outed, you won’t be. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there, I have met amazing people at ACCEPT and made lifelong friends.

A workplace that is not supportive of who you are, will not be a place of growth where you can develop and fulfil your personal and professional potential. Stay authentic and unapologetically true to who you are.

Last of all, good luck!

Are you the LGBT+ Undergraduate of the Year?

We’re searching UK universities to find the LGBT+ Undergraduate of the Year 2021. For the third year we're delighted to be sponsoring the award alongside National Student Pride, ATTITUDE and myGwork which celebrates the diverse range of talent, endeavours, and achievements made by LGBT+ students.