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We're known for our innovative work and headlining deals but when you join the firm you quickly realise that it's really the people that distinguish us. Follow Associate Uche Eseonu, UK Managing Partner Michael Bates and Head of Early Talent Laura Yeates, as they answer questions and take you through a day in each of their unique lives at Clifford Chance.

Law in the time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented situation for us all and we are often asked how our trainees and NQ's adapted during this time. How did they continue to thrive and provide an exceptional service to our clients? Through this series of films, our people share the various challenges and hurdles they were presented with as they navigated through their Training Contracts, qualification and beyond, and the ways in which they had to adapt and cope in both their professional and personal lives.

Episode one

In the first of three episodes we meet our people and hear about their plans and aspirations for the year 2020. As the pandemic progresses, they find themselves uncertain of the future as the reality of the situation gradually sets in. 

Episode two

As the pandemic takes hold, we see new ways of living and working being adopted. The challenges of this unprecedented situation calls for a period of reflection and adaptation. 

Episode three

With a phased return to the office on the horizon and the fog of uncertainty starting to lift, our people reflect on the lessons taken from this unexpected time in their lives and the overwhelming sense of achievement.

In Conversations Series 2

This series is a continuation of the themes and ideas explored in series one. Meet more of our people and hear their fascinating stories through these interviews. 

In conversation with… Roy

Hear Roy, Senior Associate and Co-Founder of our REACH network, reflect on the valuable role reverse mentoring has played in shaping our understanding of the difference between colour blindness and colour braveness. He explores the power of reverse mentoring in breaking down the taboo around speaking about race in the workplace and the ways in which our firm provides genuine equality of opportunity.

In conversation with… Tolu

Hear Tolu share her journey from vacation scheme participant to Associate. She reflects on the importance of driving social change and how her passion for this was ignited by her experiences at school in North London and continues to be fuelled by her role at Clifford Chance and also as Founder of the charity EquipAfrica.

In conversation with… Maggie

Hear Maggie, Partner, talk about her path from growing up in China to becoming the first mainland Chinese partner in London. She offers guidance on following your passion, the importance of being outspoken and the need to celebrate success with others.

In conversation with… Jennifer

Hear Jennifer, Partner and Co-Head of our East Africa practice, talk about being born, raised and educated in Kenya and how love led her to Clifford Chance. She reflects on her experience during the COVID-19 lockdown and affirms the importance of making a difference and the power of visible role models.

In conversation with… Alice

Hear Alice, Senior Associate and Co-Founder of our global gender parity network, Accelerate, reflect on some of the progress and change the group has contributed to – from equalising our shared parental leave policy to reverse mentoring.

In Conversations Series 1

In this ground-breaking series of interviews, our exceptional people share their personal stories of success, ambition, growth, personal and professional development. You will receive an insight into what drives them, what they are passionate about and the reason why our Firm has been the best choice for them. 

In conversation with...Simon

Hear Simon, Partner and President of the Law Society of England and Wales, talk about his journey at the firm since joining in 1982. He reflects on what's most surprised him during that journey and why love and laughter are so important. 

In conversation with...Yassin

Hear Yassin, now an Associate,  in our Global Financial Markets practice, talk about her journey from the Gambia to her first year as a trainee at the firm. She discusses the importance of mentors, role models and champions and her path to becoming "comfortable being uncomfortable". Her highlights include her efforts around destigmatising mental health in the workplace. 

In conversation with...David

Hear David, Head of Pro Bono UK and Ireland, talk about his journey to the firm which started with winning an essay competition. He shares his thoughts on how the firm has given him the skills and means through which to make his ideas for change a reality. 

In conversation with...Kate

Hear Kate, our Global Knowledge Development Partner talk about the challenges of navigating her successful career whilst raising children. She also shares some of the highlights from her working life and explores what's kept her at the firm.

In conversation with...Aritha

Hear Aritha talk about the importance of being able to be his true self at the firm, the power of the law to impact positive social change and what life beyond Clifford Chance has been like for him.