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Portia Wainman

Associate, Tax, Pensions & Employment

"It's very rare to have a day when you don't have anything to do. There's constantly people coming to you and asking you to be involved in advisory or transactional work. You're constantly getting to see new deals and how they work from a number of different perspectives."

Khawar Malik


“One thing I knew as a legal trainee was how to incorporate a company. So I set up a charity.”

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Melissa Sykes

Associate, Real Estate

"At any one time I could be on five or six different transactions. Anything from development work, negotiating leases, being involved with energy projects. I work for a variety of different partners and different teams."

Alastair Livesey

Lawyer, Litigation & Dispute Resolution

"At Clifford Chance, you get to work with people from all over the world on a daily basis – each brings their own experiences and backgrounds."

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Herbert Swaniker

Associate, Corporate

"If you are able and you are willing, you're always given the opportunity to stand up and take ownership of quite important client-facing activities."

Fadeia Hossian

Lawyer, Derivatives

"Network with your colleagues and benefit from the wealth of experience and advice which they are happy to share."

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Hannah Buckley

Associate, Capital Markets

"The case actually progressed to high court. For me it was a very exciting moment of my training contract because when you're younger and you're thinking of becoming a lawyer you often wonder what it might be like. I really enjoyed seeing each step of the developments. It made me feel very proud to be part of that moment and having worked towards securing a positive outcome for the client."

Oliver Carrol

Trainee solicitor

"To have seen my work actually change the law of the land was incredible."

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STEM Lawyers

If you are from a science, technology, engineering or mathematics background you might have questions about whether a career in law is right for you. Hear from some of our STEM lawyers including future trainees about the exciting opportunities that they have experienced so far and what lies ahead for them.


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