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A global experience at your fingertips. The future of internships is here.

Whether you’re a first-year student or a recent graduate, our global virtual internships will give you the skills you need to take that next big step in your career.

Our free internships, with over 20 hours of modular content represent the future of virtual work-experience.

The content has been created by leading experts from across our global network. It will not only expose you to international work in a way that has never been done before, but also enable you to develop the analytical abilities that will turn you into a leading lawyer of tomorrow.

This internship will offer you the chance to:

  • Upskill yourself by completing trainee-level tasks
  • Gain an insight into challenges facing our clients around the world
  • Learn first-hand from our trainees and lawyers around our global network.

The moment to take control of your future has arrived. By giving you access to inspirational lawyers, exceptional development resources and insights that will guide you for years to come, this is an internship that could make your career.

Complex, Global Challenges

The challenges our clients need help with are complex and borderless. To face these challenges effectively, our approach also needs to be multi-jurisdictional and inter-disciplinary. On our Global Virtual Internships, you will learn about the legal and commercial implications of risks relating to Climate Change, Cyber Security and Business & Human Rights. You will practise advising clients on how to protect themselves and deal with these risks responsibly. To learn more about how we help clients with these challenges, visit our Boardroom Risk & Reputation and Thought Leadership sites.

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Global Virtual Internships

Hear from our Global Senior Partner, Jeroen Ouwehand, as he describes why we are passionate about equal education and its role in creating equal opportunities for all.

Access to Education

As a signatory to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we believe that education is vital for building a better world for all. As such, access to education is one of the three pillars of our global Community & Pro Bono Strategy. We believe that social progress cannot happen without everyone having access to quality education, therefore we support and run activities around the world with the aim of protecting and expanding access to education. Our Global Virtual Internships are open-access which means anyone can participate and have access to these programmes from anywhere.

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Our Collaboration with the University of York

The University of York is a trusted partner of ours and we have worked with them for many years – most recently, on our 2019 Out & Proud research in collaboration with Trendence UK, National Student Pride and Deutsche Bank.

York Law School is top-rated for research, teaching and learning. One of its distinguishing characteristics is its pioneering use of Problem Based Learning (PBL) – a modern, dynamic learning method where students experience law in its social and theoretical contexts and learn to work as a professional.

The University contributed towards idea generation for the internship tasks, reviewed the content once our lawyers had designed it and provided some useful guidance about PBL - which should help you if you decide to work on the tasks in a group.

"Working with Clifford Chance on this project has been a real eye-opener. Their total commitment to innovation and finding new ways of doing things is inspiring and really connects with the way we approach our teaching at York Law School. “ – Stephen Levett, Director of Professional Practice at York Law School.

Our particular thanks go to Stephen Levett, for his contribution towards our Global Virtual Internship.

Meet our Global Virtual Internships contributors

Nicole Kidney
“Our Global Virtual Internships give students around the world the opportunity to get real exposure to the work that we do at Clifford Chance."

Nicole Kidney

Associate, London

"Cyber security is increasingly becoming an area of more importance to clients as more data is being collected and stored online, resulting in greater risks to businesses. 

 The cyber internship offers a great introduction to the Information Commissioner's Office, and its powers in enforcing data protection legislation"

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Milena Raffaldi
“I believe that taking part in the Global Virtual Internships will give students a positive insight into the international nature of the firm."

Milena Raffaldi

Trainee, Milan

"It will help them familiarise themselves with International and European legal aspects and frameworks."

I think this is a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves by researching and exploring the various legal and business implications of climate change, cyber security and human rights.” 

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Elena Calsamiglia
“The internships effectively provide a concrete sense of the type and quality of the work required of trainee lawyers at a global law firm like Clifford Chance."

Elena Calsamiglia

Trainee, Milan

"At the same time, the tasks will urge students to keep an eye on future developments in their careers by drawing their attention to the most innovative legal issues like climate change. 

Although these are still emerging today, they are likely to be part of the daily working routine of future generations of lawyers.”

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