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Skills Session

Commercial Awareness

This session will look at how to build your knowledge of the commercial world in a way that will be useful for when you are preparing for our case study and  interviews. We will explore the various ways you can grow your confidence in articulating your interests in an interview environment. 

Date: 23 September 2021 and 12 October 2021

Time: 5-6pm

Skills Session

Impactful Applications

Join this session to get invaluable hints, tips and advice on how to approach our application form. We will share tools to help you frame your answers and experiences and offer insight in to exactly what we are looking for from each applicant. 

Date: 28 September 2021 and 10 November 2021

Time: 5-6pm

Skills Session

Preparing for Interview

In this session we will consider various techniques and confidence-building tools that you can start to utilise in the lead up to interviews. We will run through the process and provide useful guidance on both physical and virtual style interviews. 

Date: 22 October 2021 and 16 November 2021

Time: 5-6pm

Impactful Applications

It is equally important that you spend as much time understanding yourself and your capabilities as it is researching the law and our Firm. We highlight the important things to consider when approaching your application form so you can ensure you deliver something with impact. 

SWOT/PEST Analytical Tools

Here we take you through the use of the SWOT and PEST analytical tools, which can be really helpful when thinking about how best to approach breaking down and understanding large amounts of commercial knowledge. 

Preparing for Interviews

Interviews require a lot of preparation not only for the case study element but also for the competency aspects. Here we take you through what to expect from the process, as well as provide you with essential advice on how to get ready to showcase your strengths and potential.

What others have to say about the series...

"This was a great session! Learnt so much about what is expected from the applications. Thoroughly recommend to anyone thinking of applying as it cleared up what is expected of me from each question on the form."

"I really enjoyed how clear and relevant the content of this session was. The Graduate Recruitment team made me feel like securing an opportunity with the Firm was within my reach and I really appreciated their insight and guidance. Invaluable! "

"The  commercial awareness tools really broke it down for me and made me feel like I could approach building my 'commercial awareness' effectively. I feel much more ready to tackle case studies in the future."

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In case you missed it.....

All of our main events from the last season are accessible via our On Demand platform so you can go back and catch-up on events that have passed that contain really valuable content. We will be updating On Demand as we progress through our events this season so you can pause, rewind and re-watch sessions that you have already attended or catch-up on the ones that you were not able to make. 

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