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Mariola Machado

AML & Risk Executive, Business Professionals

Office: Madrid
Year joined: 2008
University: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

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I first joined the corporate practice area of Clifford Chance as a junior lawyer. I was attracted by the Firm's leadership and the idea of learning fast from the best intellects of the Spainish legal sector, while enjoying a good teamwork atmosphere.

After 6 years of stimulating, challenging and fun practice I was very lucky to be offered the role of AML, Risk & Compliance manager. I liked and shared the culture and values of the Firm, so I happily agreed to join the Business Professionals team. With an increasing and increasingly demanding regulatory framework, the Firm had committed to developing a compliance function of reference. Due to this, our global Risk & Compliance team started to grow and gain importance with each passing day.

My current job involves providing local regulatory insight and enhancing compliance in the Barcelona and Madrid offices. I have specialised in AML, privacy and antibribery compliance amoung others. What I like most about this current role is that it remains stimulating and challenging; it allows me to work side by side with great minds and it gives me the work-life balance I always wanted.