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Creating the best team

As a leading global firm, we service clients from all over the world. In order to meet their demands and find solutions to their most complex challenges, we must build the best team, made up of people from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and perspectives, and nurtured in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Regardless of background, we continuously strive to ensure there are no barriers to equality or opportunity.

As well as access to the Clifford Chance Academy, we provide the best on-the-job training, mentoring and coaching.


For lawyers, our practice-specific training programmes, combined with programs from the Clifford Chance Academy, provide the core of your formal training.

These traditional programmes are supplemented by our unique global business skills curriculum, which focuses on presentation, business development, client communications and people-management skills.

From your first day through to partnership – if that happens to be your goal – you will find our non-stop learning environment fundamental to your development as a sophisticated, successful and well-rounded lawyer.

Feedback and appraisals

Continuous, open communication is a critical building block in our one firm approach, and we strive to foster this environment. We ask all of our people – lawyers and business professionals alike, regardless of seniority – to seek out and act on constructive feedback, and not just as part of the annual appraisal process.


In addition to the spontaneous feedback provided to you throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to reflect on what you have covered each year, and consider the year ahead as part of the formal annual performance review. Your appraisal should help you plan your future work and identify interesting training opportunities.

Career Development Partners

Your Career Development Partner will be your point of contact for career development questions and advice. The aim of the Career Development Partner programme is for each lawyer to have someone readily available to provide objective, fair and constructive feedback, enabling them to develop a career in their chosen field.


Secondments form an integral part of our career development structure and firm strategy. Learning first-hand from our clients and contributing to their success has been incredibly rewarding for a number of our lawyers in the Middle East. Secondees maintain regular coaching and feedback sessions with their supervisor whilst on secondment; at the same time as developing lasting relationships with clients. This is an initiative that clients and associates alike highly value.

This is a great way to gain exposure in working in different legal jurisdictions, see how our clients also work across borders, and understand how we as a firm can best help them.

Development centres

At senior and mid-levels, our associates participate in off-site development centres, where they practise business skills through exercises that involve real-life scenarios and create individual development plans with the assistance of partners and Clifford Chance Academy professionals.

These will help you prepare for the major milestone points in your career, as well as give you a personal development plan that – with the support of your partners and others – will enable you to make an even greater contribution to the success of the firm, as well as develop your own career.

Clifford Chance Academy

The Academy provides world-class learning opportunities for both lawyers and business professionals in all of our offices.

Partners and senior lawyers in the firm work alongside external experts to deliver courses on local, regional and global issues to help broaden not only your legal or business understanding, but also your cultural awareness and international perspective.

Targeted curricula have been carefully designed for lawyers and business professionals that map the career opportunities available at Clifford Chance. Throughout your career, you'll learn in the classroom (both traditional and virtual), on the job, and online/on the move with our extensive array of interactive eLearning courses and knowledge-sharing videos.


Tech Academy

Our global Tech Academy is a technology focused element of the firm's central learning and development function, the Clifford Chance Academy, which is dedicated to the Technology space. The Tech Academy provides our people with online training and resources and a global programme of face to face workshops, ensuring we remain on top of the latest technology trends and issues our clients are facing.

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Creating the best team

At Clifford Chance we believe that inclusion is a core value of the law and specifically of our firm's values. We understand that inclusion is good for our staff and their families, our firm and our clients, and society. Our goal is to deliver an equality of opportunity, an equality of aspiration and an equality of experience to everyone who works in our firm. We recognise that a true diversity of talent and experience is an essential ingredient in our success.

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